Our Company

SDF Corp. is a well-established, sustainable Exempted Micro Black Beneficiary Enterprise. We strive ourselves as being an excellent example to other Skills Development Facilitators as to follow our lead in our values.

Our Opinion

It is said that; in times of adversity, a man’s true colors are shown. We believe adversity is an opportunity. It challenges us to perform at our best and deliver true to what is requested.

Our Approach

We know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things our clients want to see happen. We are committed professionals who approach our work pragmatically, basing our actions on common sense.

Our role, purpose, belief

We align ourselves with training providers who share our belief in perfection.
We present our work without preservation.
We redefine the boundaries of our industry through research and understanding.
We drive the business of Skills Development forward by evolving. It’s how we stay ahead.
We make our value to the client unique, inviting and original.

Obligations of our company

The Company undertakes to provide the Client with the following:

  • Communicate research in the industry regarding legislation
  • Facilitate Grant options given by Government Bodies
  • Plan, Facilitate, Implement and Monitor legislation
  • Facilitate information sharing between Client and Government Bodies
  • Manage the workplace skills planning evaluation process including acceptance of delays, changes and any additional consultation between Client and Government Bodies
  • Liaise with the Government Bodies on behalf of the Client
  • Be unbiased in dealing with employer and employee constituencies
  • Inform the Government Bodies of related aspects and developments with regards to the Client
  • Subscribe to and foster a culture of continuous professional improvement and development
  • Engage in continuing professional development activities as appropriate
  • Queries and requests of the Client followed up within a twelve hour time span and conducted professionally
  • Ensure that the Company’s BEE Verification Level as a Broad Based Black Economic Contributor is upheld and sustained.
  • Ensure that the Client’s BEE Verification level as a BBBEE Contributor is sustained and improved.

Obligations of the company relating to professional behaviour

The Company will abide by the following:

  • The Company will not accept bribes
  • The Company will subscribe to professionalism, integrity, honesty, confidentiality, client focus and quality
  • The Company will perform their functions in good faith, giving full effect to the obligations and spirit of legislation and any related regulation
  • Abstaining from any conduct of interest that may conflict with legislation and or regulatory framework
  • The Company will treat all information received from the Client confidential and will not be discussed with any party other than the relevant Client.
  • The Company will discharge our duties with diligence and punctuality
  • The Company will not profit from confidential information acquired from Clients while engaged or after termination of our relationship with the Client
  • The Company will act at all times in the interest of the Client in relation to the Government Bodies and other members
  • The Company will endeavor to promote a culture of consensus at all times
  • Contravention of these obligations will result in disciplinary action against the Company, and expulsion from Government Bodies.

Obligations of the client

  • To provide the Company with information to ensure the successful application of legislation
  • Ensure that the information adheres to the Government Bodies guidelines and standards
  • Ensure that tracking records are kept as requested according legislation
  • Ensure that employees tracking records are updated monthly
  • Submit a monthly spreadsheet, pre-defined and updated by the Company, ensuring timorously submission of reports to Government Bodies.
  • Adhere to legislation

Measuring and evaluation of the performance of the company

  • Submission of Workplace Skills Plans, Annual Training Reports before Deadline
  • Submission of Employment Equity Reports before Deadline
  • Ensuring an acceptable level as agreed by both parties as a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Contributor
  • Successful implementation of legislation
  • Successful implementation of policies and procedures
  • Successful handover to a Rating Agent when ready for verification

Measuring and evaluation of the performance of the client

  • Ensuring accurate information
  • Update Employment Profile monthly
  • Submitting tracking records on time to able the Company to ensure successful performance
  • Ensuring successful payment of monthly retainer