Training & Solutions

Education is a powerful tool to change South Africa. It does not matter what your back ground is or where you come from, the only thing that we care about is what your mind set is today for the future.

The Problem

The majority of black women in South Africa don’t have the resources or privilege to develop themselves due to poverty and bad circumstances. They do not posess the basic knowledge of good nutrition and basic business skills to develop entrepreneurship. This leads to an inferior quality of life.

The Solution

The solution is to encourage these learners to invest in education and a positive attitude. We need to change their mind sets and education to give them a better quality of life. It is not how you start, it is how you end the race!

Achieve It Training Center

We equip learners with resources and education to help them grow their potential. The focus is to teach basic skills like reading, computer literacy nutrition and life skills.  We would like to make the learner employable through investing in accredited training programmes.

  • Phase 1

    Identify the leaners current skill set and education level. Determine the starting point of the leaners development.

  • Phase 2

    General education on nutrition and awareness of HIV, awareness programmes for teenagers and teach values like respect and caring.

  • Phase 3

    Choose the appropriate accredited course for the leaner and develop basic business skills. Make the leaner employable.

  • Phase 4

    Develop entrepreneurial skills.

  • Summary

    This transformation changes lives and in some cases even saves lives. We as a community stand together to help those in need. We present the idea of hope and innovative thinking!